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Property Photography Editing

Whether you wish to have your photographs repolished or make adjustments to our own shots, CP Creative has a team of talented property photography editors on hand to glam up your property. As always, we want to capture the image of your property from its best, most idealised angles – the way you want others to perceive it.

High-Quality Property Photo Editing, Image Correction and Retouching Surface

Owing to the thorough digital processing of our property photographs, you’ll be amazed at what our editors can accomplish! We can enhance your property’s appearance through image correction, debris removal and retouching the fine details. We make sure that our photo edits are all of the highest possible quality for your final approval. 

The Benefits of Using Professional Image Editors

Colour correction – Whether it’s to highlight the rich red colour of the brickwork on the exterior of your property or to make a dull sky look bright blue, we have various tools in our editing software to sharpen and liven up our photographs.

Object removal – We can completely remove any unwanted objects from a picture, without leaving a trace of their existence. We can erase stacks of dirty dishes from a kitchen sink or delete post-it notes on fridge doors. You’ll be astounded by the results of these techniques! 


Straightening – Amateur property photographs may not always be entirely straight… Some may even appear to be a little wonky due to awkward shooting conditions, or the building itself is to blame due to tilted walls and uneven floors. Our editors can recentre and straighten structures for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.


Adjust shadows – Overly harsh shadows can obscure the best parts of your property, though they can be impossible to avoid at certain times of the day. Luckily, our editing team can outright remove shadows or drastically lessen them to increase the overall brightness of the image! 

Customised to your specifications – You are ultimately in control of how we modify your property photographs. We will attentively heed all of your requests and suggestions during the editing process.

Professional editing your amateur photos – If you have taken some property photos of your own, we can also offer to spruce them up with our advanced retouching tools. We can give them a more professional look worthy of your marketing portfolio.

Speedy delivery – For our experienced editors, the photograph retouching process is fast and easy. We understand that speedy service is often vital for those who want their photos disseminated on a tight deadline.

Our Photography Editing: Before and After

For more proof of the importance of great photo editing, take a look at the incredible transformations our editors have made for previous clients! 

As you can see, the principles of photo editing are all applied. Miscellaneous objects are removed; shadows are toned down; skies are made bluer; lighting is corrected, etc. Different combinations of these principles apply for both indoor and outdoor shots.

Some edits are very transformative, but it is our prerogative to keep our photographs recognisably accurate to reality. Rest assured, we are not in the business of creating “catfishing” buyers by giving them a completely false impression of how a property looks.

Why Choose CP Creative as Your Property Photography Editors?

At CP Creative, we bring imagination, enthusiasm, efficiency and perfectionist standards to the table, delivering some of the greatest bespoke services in the various fields of property photography. Our experience in marketing for a massive range of different clients and properties will surely impress you. Anyone who works with us knows that we guarantee the highest quality, all with a friendly yet professional-minded approach to customer service. 

CP Creative’s photo editors are some of the best in the industry when it comes to cleaning images of clutter and debris. We only use the most premium-quality editing software, with the right knowledge and skills to use it proficiently. Furthermore, we maintain good communication with our clients throughout our retouching process so that we can meet their exact specifications. 

The CP Creative Process

Contact and Quote – Ready to propel your property marketing to the next level? Use our online chat below, call us or email, to discuss the best package available for you. From there, we can give you a quote for the planned trajectory of the project. 


Place Your Order – A friendly team member will coordinate your booking and our web portal named ‘CP Central’ can send you notifications, keeping you updated with the progress of your order.

In-House Team – Our photographers and floor planners produce the best quality images. The in-house studio team quality-check and endeavour to supply our services within 24 hours, bespokely edited, and branded to your own style.

CP Central Portal – ‘CP Central’, our convenient web portal, enables you to download photos, place or review orders and pay invoices, giving you the freedom to manage your own bookings.

Project Completion – Should you require any edits or amendments to your photographs, our studio can respond straight away. Anything you want to change, we will happily comply. Once you are happy with your service, leaving us a review would be a great help.

Get in Touch and Get Your Property Photos Edited Today

Do you have some property photos of your own creation that need retouching? Or would you like to adjust some professional real estate property photography that we or another company have already taken? Whatever your query, do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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