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commercial photography

Commercial photography is a branch of property photography dedicated to capturing corporate spaces such as office blocks, public convention sites, retail buildings and storage facilities, rather than private residential properties. Crafting a large portfolio of well-formatted, high-quality photos of your commercial space with us can dramatically improve the overall reach of your brand.

Experienced Commercial Photographers

Similar to our standard approach to both interior and exterior photography shoots, we will cover the most central, important rooms and outdoor areas while conveying to the observer a clear sense of what your business is all about. For most people, the first exposure to your business will come from online searches and brochures, which need to be complemented with appealing, eye-catching imagery.

Why you need a specialist Commercial Property Photographer

Office spaces – By photographing the reception foyers, open-plan workstations and private meeting rooms, we can emphasise the comfort and safety that employees would experience while working in your offices.


Retail and hospitality properties – From clothing stores to restaurants, it is important for any publicly-accessible retail or hospitality building to look welcoming and inviting, especially when somebody is browsing for photos online.


Storage facilities – Making an empty warehouse space look appealing may seem challenging, but emphasising the amount of open space that can be practically used for storage, often with wide-angle shots, is actually the goal! 

Our Commercial Photography Portfolio

To get a feel of our style of commercial photography, see our diverse range of clientele in the folders below. We’ve visited office foyers, museum galleries, bars, pubs, coffee shops, and that’s just the beginning. We remain hopeful that more exciting photography opportunities await around every corner - whether it’s a coffee shop, a hair salon or a humble village pub - since we always have more talent to offer! 

Why Choose CP Creative for Commercial Property Photography?

At CP Creative, we bring imagination, enthusiasm, efficiency and perfectionist standards to the table, delivering some of the greatest bespoke services in the various fields of property photography. Our experience in marketing for a massive range of different clients and properties will surely impress you. Anyone who works with us knows that we guarantee the highest quality, all with a friendly yet professional-minded approach to customer service. 


Our holistic, think-outside-the-box approach to property photography combined with our superb eye for detail allows us to draw out the personality of a building in ways that other photography firms would never think of. This is vital for commercial properties, as emphasising the tone and purpose of the brand being promoted makes people feel more welcome and secure in trusting your business for a consistent service.

The CP Creative Process

Contact and Quote – Ready to propel your property marketing to the next level? Use our online chat below, call us or email, to discuss the best package available for you. From there, we can give you a quote for the planned trajectory of the project.

Place Your Order – A friendly team member will coordinate your booking and our web portal named ‘CP Central’ can send you notifications, keeping you updated with the progress of your order.

In-House Team – Our photographers and floor planners produce the best quality images. The in-house studio team quality-check and endeavour to supply our services within 24 hours, bespokely edited and branded to your own style.

CP Central Portal – ‘CP Central’, our convenient web portal, enables you to download photos, place or review orders and pay invoices, giving you the freedom to manage your own bookings.

Project Completion – Should you require any edits or amendments to your photographs, our studio can respond straight away. Anything you want to change, we will happily comply. Once you are happy with your service, leaving us a review would be a great help.

Get in Touch and Book a Property Photoshoot Package Today

If you need our property photography service ASAP, simply give us a call or send us your enquiry and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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