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Bespoke Photography for Property Marketing

Crafted entirely to your specifications, our bespoke photography service is all about capturing the more intimate, granular details of your residential or commercial spaces. We can definitely help if you want to give your space a personalised edge.

Bespoke Photographers in London and Suffolk

For the ultimate personalised photography service in the London and Suffolk areas, CP Creative’s bespoke package ensures that your unique voice is reflected in the marketing imagery. After all, there are few things less appealing than a marketing portfolio filled with bland, generic stock imagery.

What is Bespoke Property Photography?

If you have some very specific ideas of how you want your property to be presented in your marketing strategy, a bespoke interior photography package is the choicest option for you.

Our bespoke package focuses on giving the client greater control over the photography shoots, with more emphasis on capturing intimate and “real” details of the property in question – little things that may not be reflected as clearly in a standard photography package – all to create a sense of what life in your property is truly like.

The Difference Between Bespoke Photography and Other Packages

Compared to other photography packages out there, CP Creative’s bespoke photography package is a refreshing change of pace! The bespoke package is the best place to get lavish close-ups and situation shots that reflect life in the client’s property. 


Our bespoke package primarily covers interior areas, but expect to see more close-up photos of miscellaneous objects and unconventional angles in the bespoke gallery compared to the interior or design photography galleries on their respective pages.

Benefits of Investing in Bespoke Property Imagery

Personalised touch – The primary benefit of bespoke property photography is the unique customizability of the pictures’ subject matter. For example, you might prefer to show off the contents of your favourite bookshelf or mantelpiece in more detail. Our photographers will follow what you believe is best for your marketing strategy.

Close-ups – If you want us to get a closer view of your bookshelf, kitchen layout, period features or anything else, that is no problem at all! These close-ups can be just as important in conveying the character of your property as the standard wide-angle shots.

Lifestyle shots – Most property marketing photography involves keeping the selected areas devoid of any signs of people to emphasise the quality of the space itself, but if you want to imbue your portfolio with a more realistic human touch, that’s also right up our alley. Anything from setting up cutlery on a dining table to scenes of kitchen appliances in action, we can give it a bespoke polish.

Why Choose CP Creative as Your Bespoke Property Photographers?

At CP Creative, we bring imagination, enthusiasm, efficiency and perfectionist standards to the table, delivering some of the greatest bespoke services in the various fields of property photography. Our experience in marketing for a massive range of different clients and properties will surely impress you. Anyone who works with us knows that we guarantee the highest quality, all with a friendly yet professional-minded approach to customer service.

You may have guessed already, but our company loves incorporating a quaint, personalised touch to everything we do. Our bespoke package is the apex of that approach, as we want to fixate on the elements that YOU love about your property. The grandfather clock standing vigil in the corner, the cheeky wooden chimp ornament hanging from a shelf on the wall, the unique architectural features… The details that make your property special to you will be equally endearing to anyone else who views them!

The CP Creative Process

Contact and Quote – Ready to propel your bespoke interior photography to the next level? Use our online chat below, call us or email, to discuss the best package available for you. From there, we can give you a quote for the planned trajectory of the project.

Place Your Order – A friendly team member will coordinate your booking and our web portal named ‘CP Central’ can send you notifications, keeping you updated with the progress of your order.

In-House Team – Our photographers and floor planners produce the best quality images. The in-house studio team quality-check and endeavour to supply our services within 24 hours, personally edited and branded to your own style.

CP Central Portal – ‘CP Central’, our convenient web portal, enables you to download photos, place or review orders and pay invoices, giving you the freedom to manage your own bookings.

Project Completion – Should you require any edits or amendments to your photographs, our studio can respond straight away. Anything you want to change, we will happily comply. Once you are happy with your service, leaving us a review would be a great help. 

Get in Touch and Book a Property Photoshoot Package Today

If you need our bespoke property photography service ASAP, simply give us a call or send us your enquiry and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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