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exterior photography

The exterior of a building is the first impression most people will get of a property, so it is vital to make it look as attractive and appealing as possible, even under challenging lighting conditions. A viewer should be able to get an immediate feel for the size, location and dimensions of the property.

Professional Exterior Estate Agent Photographers

Our property exterior photographers will capture your building’s most photogenic angles, covering the front face to the backyard, as well as anything else that will look good on camera. We bring out the character of a property by focusing on the key architectural qualities in every shot. 
There’s no getting around it, our country’s weather has a tendency to make photography shoots extremely difficult, but our adaptable photography team are trained and equipped to work under difficult lighting conditions. They can bring out the life and colour of a building even on dull, grey days.

Why You Need a Specialist Exterior Estate Agent Photographer

Getting the best angles – While true of all photography, it is essential to get the right angles for the exterior of a building when handling a marketing shoot. Factors to consider are how to properly convey a sense of scale, how well the building stands out compared to the nearby scenery, and how to emphasise the distinct character of the property, among others. We find that unconventional perspectives can often be more dynamic and appealing than a standard, symmetrical shot from the front of the building.

Weathering it with you – For the most pleasing shoot, we will try to photograph the outside of your property on a nice, sunny day. As anyone familiar with the Great British weather knows, though, sometimes you have to take the closest opportunities that present themselves. During the dark winter months, we may have to settle for slightly greyer days, but luckily, our editing software can draw out a photo’s brightness and even make the skies look bluer!

Our Exterior Property Photography Portfolio 

Feel free to take a look at our extensive portfolio of previous exterior photography projects. Our building photographers have captured a wide range of properties of different shapes and sizes, plus lush gardens, swimming pools, conservatories and more.

Tips For Preparing Your Home For Exterior Photography

Move cars and bins away from the driveway – So as to not distract attention away from the property, please temporarily move any vehicles, bins or other objects out of the vicinity of the exterior shots.

Mow the lawn – It’s best to keep the gardens neat and tidy for any shots that happen to include them. It certainly helps to keep the rest of your garden space pristine as well, from the fences to the flower beds.

Thoroughly clean your property – ‘Curb appeal’ is the science of making the exterior of a property look as attractive as possible to people glancing from the roadside, so cleanliness helps to make a good first impression. Please make sure to clean the window frames and jet-wash the driveway, so that your property will really stand out from the neighbouring buildings.

Why Choose CP Creative as Your Exterior Estate Agent Photographers?

Here at CP Creative, we bring imagination, enthusiasm, efficiency and perfectionist standards to the table, delivering some of the greatest bespoke services in the various fields of property photography. Our experience in marketing for a massive range of different clients, properties and industrial sectors will surely impress you. Anyone who works with us knows that we guarantee the highest quality, all with a friendly yet professional-minded approach to customer service.

Our photographers’ adaptability to different weather conditions is a huge advantage of working with CP Creative for exterior property photoshoots. Furthermore, our expertise in editing software allows us to retouch the colour and picture quality of your photos to an amazing standard!

The CP Creative Process

Contact and Quote – Ready to propel your property marketing to the next level? Use our online chat below, call us or email, to discuss the best package available for you. From there, we can give you a quote for the planned trajectory of the project.

Place Your Order – A friendly team member will coordinate your booking and our web portal named ‘CP Central’ can send you notifications, keeping you updated with the progress of your order.

In-House Team – Our photographers and floor planners produce the best quality images. The in-house studio team quality-check and endeavour to supply our services within 24 hours, bespokely edited and branded to your own style.

CP Central Portal – ‘CP Central’, our convenient web portal, enables you to download photos, place or review orders and pay invoices, giving you the freedom to manage your own bookings.

Project Completion – Should you require any edits or amendments to your photographs, our studio can respond straight away. Anything you want to change, we will happily comply. Once you are happy with your service, leaving us a review would be a great help.

Get in Touch and Book a Property Photoshoot Package Today

If you need our property photography service ASAP, simply give us a call or send us your enquiry and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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