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What is lifestyle photography?

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

When it comes to property photography, ‘lifestyle shots’ are those images that help to place potential buyers into that property and give a glimpse of how they could live their life in that home. It shows not just the literal space, or standard room set up, but it also gives an impression of how that space can be used in a more aspirational way. Clever use of home décor can really help to set the scene, but this can often get lost in the wide angle shots that we know details the rooms space effectively. This is why we offer a mixture of photography in a our packages, showing not only the room as a whole, but focusing on those extra details that can be really say a lot about a lifestyle you can have within that home. 

Understanding the people who will be likely to buy your property can really help, so talk with your estate agents, they will be able to help paint a picture of the typical buyer your property will appeal to. Once you know this you can set the scene with a few extra details that catch the eye of these buyers.

We’ve asked estate agent, Luke Parle, From Portico, Clapham about the importance of depicting a lifestyle when marketing your property.

It’s a well-known fact that people buy in to lifestyles and this is very much the case when buying a property too. I’ve seen many people buy from similar like–minded people to themselves, artists buying from artists, bankers from bankers, chefs from chefs, the list goes on. Dressing a property helps obtain more viewings and a quicker sale, portraying a certain lifestyle can help find the perfect buyer and the chance of a sale falling through is lowered. A well-placed cook book could help get a buyers imagination flowing and subconsciously encourage them to visualise themselves living (and cooking) in the property. It’s very important that this isn’t taken too far though, if a property is too personalised, or portraying a particular lifestyle too alternative, then it could have the opposite effect and actually put people off and limit the audience’.

Striking the right balance is vital when dressing your home, for the viewings, but also for the properties marketing photography. Why wait for just the viewings to help sell a lifestyle to potential viewers when the photography can do this too. So we have pulled a few tips together focusing on a few rooms, to help get you on the right track and dress your home.

For the love of cooking – The kitchen/Dining room

Attract those that love to cook, or who want to find their love for cooking. This is pretty much everyone so this is definitely one of the rooms worth dressing and taking your time on. We spend so much time in the kitchen and we know the reality of meal times can often be stressful. We want to paint a picture of an enjoyable space, so clear the work surfaces, keep cooking utensils to an absolute minimum and have on display only those objects that will reinforce this space as a kitchen for those who love to cook. Set the dinner table, use runners, candles, contemporary place mats.

Good Props– Cooking books, Stylish utensils, fine condiments.

It’s not just about the TV – The Living Room 

We can’t ignore the fact that the watching TV is a huge part of most people’s downtime, but what we want to do is show that a living room can be a social space as well as a room to unwind in. Appealing to those who may dream of a home that can help them engage and connect with their family. Often living rooms are set up to have the focus point on the telly, dictating to us the sofa arrangements. Just shifting this idea and focusing instead on how seating can help connect people can relay a subtle ideology.

Good Props – Fire side seating, fabrics to get cosy in, games board, some design magazines.

The Bedroom 

A bedroom needs to be inviting, you don’t need to go overboard staging this room, focus on the bed and the lighting. Ensure it has fresh bedding that works with the décor. Add extra texture to the bed with a throw and some cushions, but know when to stop. For the lighting, if your room has space for a little bedside table, then this is the perfect home for a stylish lamp and a great book. Again, always helping the viewer to picture themselves in this space.

Good Props – Lamps, nicely made bed, Fabric!

The Study

It maybe called the study or the spare room, or just that room that is home to all those ugly bits that we love to keep hidden. When it comes to preparing your home to sell, make a firm decision about what this room is. Keeping it as a mixed use room will do you no favours. Dressing it as a study can appeal to those who work remotely. This new way of working is on the up, and it appeals not only to a  younger generation, but also to those who may be taking a step back from work and reduce their office hours. So what’s the best way to stage this room. Well, it may sound obvious but a well dressed desk is where we need to focus our efforts. Give the illusion of space, and remove the items we would normally see in reality. Hide those bic pens, and remove all the paper and post it notes and tuck away the wires. Surround the desk with inspiration but keep it minimal, bookshelves should be tidy and selective. Artwork is subjective, but it helps set the scene of an office that helps motivate its owner.

Good Props – Artwork, a Bookshelf, a stylish desk space.

If you would like to see further examples of these shots, have a look at our current creative photography brochure, click here.

For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please contact us on the details below.

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