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Updated: Nov 13, 2019


Over the years conventional property brochures have been superseded by our friend ‘The Internet’. We can shoot a property and have it online in 24 hours, the speed, efficiency and cost saving of this is something that a brochure just can’t compete with. And this is the thing, when it comes to documenting what a property has to offer, the internet wins. This doesn’t mean we should be over looking brochures. Where the internet may win in some areas, the brochure triumphs in others. In this post we are going to tell you why we still love a property brochure!


This is where good brochures really get their chance to shine. Creating something eye catching and unique is vital. With the internet you don’t have the freedom to let a property standout. Great photography and copy will only go so far on the web, but with everyday cyber distractions buzzing around the screen, you only have so much control over the viewers experience. A good brochure can draw your buyers into a property, with the feel of a home reflected throughout the design. At CP Creative we have a dedicated team who know how to design brochures to complement a property, while still understanding the core values of your brand. Our bespoke service ensures that we don’t follow a formula to produce your brochures. A property brochure needs to be unique, working hand in hand with our photographers we can ensure that the imagery we produce is given the very best design to really showcase the property. We know what images work well together and which ones don’t. Again, it’s the subtle control you have over the buyers viewing experience that helps to enforce the properties lasting impression upon them. 


When we get the opportunity to photograph a stunning property we allow our photographers the creative freedom to select the best elements of the property to capture. From detailing the tiles around a fireplace, to showing how the light falls through a bedroom window. What this often means is that as an estate agent you may only end up selecting 8-12 images to upload to an online portal, even though you know there are more great images available to show. A brochure is the perfect home for these extra shots. By putting more detail into the brochure than online, it will become the best reference point for the property. So after a viewing when buyers are weighing up the property, if they want to take a second look at some of the detail, they will turn to the brochure and not the internet. By producing a physical reference point for them you have diverted their path away from the internet, where other properties are waiting to distract their attention from yours.


We know that nothing speaks to a potential buyer more than the actual property itself. We are not going to pretend that an amazing brochure will be the deciding factor when it comes to buying a property, but it may just give your property a little subtle advantage. Take for example a couple who are torn between two properties, if the other property doesn’t have a brochure produced, then the power of this beautiful little product is that it will act as a constant physical reminder. The chances are that if the property is a potential purchase then they will keep hold of the brochure until they have made a decision. The brochure maybe by their bed, or on the kitchen work surface, but what it means is even when they are not flicking through it, it will be working it’s magic as a subtle reminder of the property. 


Another benefit of a quality brochure is that you can use it within your portfolio. A great brochure sets the standard of your marketing, this useful tool can also demonstrate the quality of your marketing, setting you apart from the competition. A bespoke design service isn’t one you may want to roll out to every client, but for the right property it demonstrates that you can not only go the extra mile but the design and print quality of what you produce is of an award winning standard also.

If you want to hear more about how CP Creative can produce bespoke brochures for your properties get in touch today.

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