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The Future of Real Estate Photography | Lifestyle vs Wide Angle

The world of real estate photography is evolving all the time. A decade ago, professional high-end imagery was reserved for the most prestigious properties. The business has moved increasingly online and people’s appetite for beautiful images has grown with it. Not hiring a professional photographer in today’s market is to be fully behind the curve and, from the perspective of a potential buyer, to make a terrible first impression. But that leads us to the question; how can you be ahead of the curve?

We still love big, wide, and stunning interior photography

The top agents in the game are experimenting with a number of marketing strategies to make their listing shine in a sea of big, bright, perfectly exposed images. Videos, 3D tours, drone imagery, they all have a place, as well as several drawbacks, but one approach seems to be capturing the market right now: Lifestyle photography.

But we think traditional shots work best alongside images that tell a story

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, scouting potential properties for the typical checklist; is the living room the right size? Do I like the kitchen? Is it light and spacious? But they are also looking to be sold a vision, a vision for the life they could create for themselves in this new home. They want to be able to dream of themselves having a better life and that is where lifestyle photography is so powerful, it is about telling a story, capturing the idiosyncratic details of a space and how the existing homeowner has furnished that space. These are the images that keep people glued to interior design magazines and Instagram feeds and they can be leveraged to convince someone they have found their dream abode.

Of course, this type of photography is not enough to sell a property alone. Here at CP Creative, we believe the most effective listing is a carefully curated combination of delicate lifestyle imagery and big powerful wide angles. Perhaps this isn’t going to be the best approach for every property you market, but if you think you are selling a great space, do not miss this opportunity to wow potential buyers!

Written by Will Lockyear - CP Creative Ltd

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