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Appetite for Construction

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a huge growth in the work we provide for the House Building and Property Development Industry. This blog will take a closer look at where this appetite for construction has come from and look at the role CP Creative plays when it comes to producing inspiring marketing materials.

Our partnership with house builders has been established for many years, working with companies such as Berkeley Homes, Redrow, BPHA as well as many smaller scale local property developers.

Managing Director, Sam Crozier reflects on some of the projects the company have been involved with and how he managed the complexities of producing marketing material for developments, where in some case the first foundations had yet to be laid.

Tell us what work CP Creative produce for the housing industry?

“The work we produce for our clients is very varied which highlights the beauty of what we do here. Certainly, the majority of our work for house builders is geared towards getting their developments on the market and visible as early as possible, this can be in the form of CGIs, photography, video production, site plans, floor plans and various forms of design & print. In addition to this, we also produce a lot of As-built Measured Surveys, these are carried out further down the line, once a development is near completion.

Where have you seen the biggest increase and why?

“We are seeing more and more developers recognising CP Creative as the place to go for all their marketing requirements. This is down to our ability to effectively and creatively manage the whole process from the initial conception through to completion. We are able to utilise our teams creative skills across a variety of different disciplines to ensure a potential purchaser or investor can visualise exactly what they will be buying into, whilst developers can start generating interest.”

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to working with developers?

“It’s vital that we build a strong relationship with our clients, developments often change and keeping up with these changes is essential to ensure we deliver marketing materials that are accurate, eye catching and produced to strict deadlines. Having a great relationship with our clients has meant that our communication channels are open and clear, making us easily adaptable to those crucial last-minute changes.”

Can you give us an example of some of your recent projects?

“Its been an extremely busy but pleasing 12 months, which has seen up work on many exciting projects, all of which we are very proud of. Personally, overseeing the production of 113 as-built measured surveys at a Central London development which needed to be highly accurate and completed in a short time scale was very satisfying. In addition to this, for 2 years now we have been producing marketing materials for large developments in the Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire regions, these projects involve creating CGIs, Marketing floor plans, site plans and final brochures. When a project is complete its wonderful to see the fruits of our labour and knowing the hard work has paid off.“

The huge demand for new houses in the UK has seen a surge in construction over the past year. As widely reported in October 2017; British construction companies applied to build the greatest number of new homes in a decade during the three-month period ending September 2017.

This is a boost for the UK’s chronic housing shortage and positive news for the industry and prospective house buyers. CP Creative will continue to provide a unique and creative service and look forward to welcoming new developers to our portfolio.

Throughout this blog are some examples of the work we have produced for our clients over the last few months. We would be delighted to speak to anyone interested in hearing more about these services and how we can help you promote and market your development.

For more information, please contact us on call 0203 637 1440.

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