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Take To The Skies

Here at CP Creative we're always on the lookout for new ways for our clients to rise above the competition. London's competitive real estate market is encouraging agents to explore a host of progressive marketing tools; virtual tours, virtual staging, magazine quality photography. We're passionate about all of these. Our latest love affair though, is with drone photography!

Drones have some obvious use cases. And whilst a huge detached home in the countryside with a sprawling garden will benefit enormously from a bird's eye view, the unique perspective of a drone can provide value to all sorts of properties.

Take this (albeit rather nice) semi detached home in West London. We love the way the pictures show off the extension and the garden. Not to mention the novelty of these angles alongside the usual images online. It gives the listing a real sense of grandeur.

And take a look the shots of Herne Hill's iconic brutalist tower blocks towards the end of the video below. An acquired taste perhaps but it's hard to deny that this footage shows off the advantages of living on the 30th floor in a pretty unique way.

As you can see we're about much more than just photography. Our drone footage reel is a great example of how video is an incredible way to push your marketing even further. Though perhaps that's something for another blog post!

We believe that property marketing is about so much more than just selling four walls and a roof; It's about selling a new life. Maybe the property is surrounded by green spaces or near a train station. Aerial photography can give a sense of place to a listing that we think has much more impact than a pin on a map. Could it be useful to have a collection of local area drone images on file to use in multiple listings?

It won't be right for every property you market. But more and more agents are starting to realise the advantages of giving their clients a novel and fresh perspective. Why don't you see if drone photography can help spruce up your next campaign?

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