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CP Creative Top 10 Properties 2023

10. Victorian Charm in Haringey: Nestled in Haringey, this period townhouse is a marvel of preservation. It's like stepping back in time with its antique-filled living room, yet surprises with a contrasting, vibrant modern kitchen adorned in shades of green.

9. Modern Townhouse Marvel: Showcasing clean contemporary design, this development features light wells and multi-floor atriums. Its elegant interior adopts a harmonious neutral palette throughout that speaks of class and sophistication.

8. Retro Chic in a Compact Space: A delightful tiny apartment, transformed by a visionary interior designer. Bold browny greens breathe new life into a '70s aesthetic, offering a refreshing and unique twist.

7. Open-Plan Opulence: This property redefines modern living with its expansive open-plan layout. The standout feature is a stunning back wall that seamlessly merges the indoors with the outdoors, creating a breathtaking living experience. As well as that stunning sofa!

6. Penthouse Elegance in Highbury: High above Highbury sits this penthouse, boasting a sprawling terrace and a captivating curved living space. Its architectural cladding pairs beautifully with a funky, chic interior design, a true urban oasis.

5. Glass-Walled Elegance: An architecturally bold dining space with glass walls and a ceiling defines this spectacular home. It’s a gateway to a lush garden and pool, perfect for summer soirees.

4. Woodford's Architectural Gem: This renovation beautifully contrasts the preserved external facade with a sleek, modern interior. Photographing this clever project was a delight.

3. Light-Filled Townhouse Artistry: A townhouse that combines playful interior design, bold art, and abundant natural light, creating an inviting and vibrant space.

2.Mid-Century London Townhouse: Renovated with yellow beams, mid-century furnishings, and impressive art, this townhouse is a celebration of style and history.

1.Chelsea Loft Masterpiece: Our top pick for 2023, this loft in Chelsea astounds with its use of double-height space, adorned with remarkable art, making every corner a visual treat.

Did you enjoy these beautiful spaces? If you've got a special property and want to find out how our photographers can show it in the best light, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

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