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What a Summer! Our Favourite Garden Snaps of 2022

Don't put away the factor 30 just yet. This legendary summer is set to keep rolling on, plenty more chances to gawk at the price of a 99 flake these days! There's also time for our lucky CP photographers to enjoy snapping some more gorgeous flower filled gardens across the nation's capital.

So dust off your parasols and kick back with a glass of Pimm's because here are some of our favourite garden pics from the summer of 2022.

These cosy oasis' in the heart of the city show how important outside space is in a post lockdown world. No matter how small your garden, you can turn it into your own little slice of paradise.

On the other end of the spectrum, These show stopping gardens and swimming pools look like dreamy places to while away the summer days!

Sleek modern designs show off homeowners with a sense of style. Garden design can be just as expressive as interior design if done correctly.

Autumn is round the corner but we hope you make the most of the last few weeks of sunshine ☀️

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