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Sell The Neighbourhood

So we've found a nice property in new area of London. Schools seem ok and the prices are perfect for our budget but we don't know it particularly well and it seemed a bit drab when we did a recent drive through.

Sound familiar?

The truth is most agents focus a lot on selling the four walls of a property, not so much the life that someone could live in their future home. One way to bolster your marketing material is to commission a local area shoot to capture the quirky and much loved idiosyncrasies of the area in which you sell. We're talking about the cute cafes, delis and landmarks that locals know and love but might be news to someone a few postcodes away.

What is that one place that everyone raves about?

Why would someone want to move to your area? is it full of period architecture? green spaces? trendy galleries and pop up coffee shops? Make sure to let your photographer know everything you love about your neighbourhood. A list is a great start and hopefully they will find some great moments along the way.

Perhaps you could commission your photographer to capture some nice road signs in the area.

The brief will be unique to your area and the kind of message you want to send to prospective buyers. Perhaps the way you use the images may vary whether it is for social media, your website or to include in property listings. However you decide to incorporate the photography into your marketing campaign, our clients have found these local area shoots to be immensely helpful both in generating interest and in building up a strong local brand.

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