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Have you considered Virtual Staging?

Real estate marketing in 2022 is not about just selling a property. It's about selling a lifestyle. A picture of your client's future. Unfortunately not every property you sell will be filled to the brim with swanky furniture and art on the walls. This is where virtual staging can make a huge impact on potential buyers. For those less than ideal or empty shell properties the ability able to see a fully realised vision of a new life in a new home can genuinely be the difference on whether a buyer closes the deal or not.

We've moved on a long way from boxy furniture that looks plastered onto the image. Our extensive collection of sofas, tables and art sets can create the perfectly curated interior design for any space. Everything will be rendered beautifully to respond to the natural light of the property.

Take a look at some of these before and after shots.

In the next two pairs you can see that we've been able to remove and replace the existing furniture to completely transform the space.

Property marketing is evolving fast. Here at CP we think virtual staging is one of the emerging technologies that will help forward thinking agents stand out from the competition. The possibilities are endless!

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