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Virtual Staging for Property Marketing

Giving your property a virtualized polish can turn it into a masterpiece! For properties that just don’t seem to be gaining much traction in the marketplace, virtual staging is the ultimate cost-effective marketing booster to elevate your property’s saleability. Modern and cutting edge yet far cheaper than the alternative of physically staging your property, it is highly attractive to marketers, designers, real estate agents and the public.

 Incredible Virtual Property Staging

Using state-of-the-art 3D rendering software, we can give your property a new lease of life in a meticulously crafted digital space. Designed to be photorealistic at remarkably low cost, you’ll be astounded by the quality and accuracy of our virtual renders!

We take pride in our ability to seamlessly cooperate with our clients. We stay in regular contact throughout the process in order to create the vision that they want for their property. Our software contains a wide range of generic furniture models in varying styles which can be easily inserted into a scene, with the results often looking so naturalistic that people are shocked to discover it’s not real!

Creating a digital scene from scratch is often much quicker than removing existing debris in a usual photo editing job, so the turnaround for the whole process will rarely be longer than 2-3 days (depending on the client’s specifications). Our editors can replace tired-looking furniture and fill up vacant space with more content. By working with CP Creative, you’ll have your digital mock-ups sent to you in no time at all!

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is a process in which a skilled CGI designer creates an intricately detailed digital simulation of an interior or exterior space of a property. Virtual staging is an increasingly popular method of presenting a property during the marketing phase, as it gives the viewer a clearer, idealised vision of the interior spaces. 

The primary purpose of virtual staging is to create realistic, homely settings by adding furniture, appliances, home comforts and other flourishes to the bare framework of a room or outdoor space, while also optimising the existing decoration to the client’s expectations. 

Our editors will generally keep the overall structure of the room and the permanent fixtures inside untouched. However, they can adjust the colouring and lighting to suit your preferences. The addition of beds, sofas and cabinets to previously empty voids can significantly change the look and feel of a room, to the point that it can be hard to recognise. 

Our Digital Staging Gallery

See for yourself the ocean of difference a virtual staging tour can make to a property. Below is a curated selection of work we have already done with previous clients.

Upon close inspection, the overall layout of each simulated room both before and after is identical, but the details added through the staging process can be so drastically different that you’ll be forgiven for thinking they’re totally separate spaces!

Virtual Furniture Selection for Home Staging

After choosing a style, we can start selecting the accessories and objects you want to add to your staging design. Our intuitive software allows editors to click and position new pieces of furniture on a grid map, which ensures perfect equilibrium between all the objects included.


There’s nothing more jarring than seeing a nice bedroom without a titular bed in the centre. Adding a comfy-looking bed with matching sheets to an empty space can bring the whole room together.


From sofas to swivel chairs, seats are very common additions to a virtual staging scene. We have chairs of all shapes, sizes and materials, including wood, leather and velvet, with puffed-up cushions to match. You’ll wish you could park yourself down on one!

Wardrobes and Cabinets

Wardrobes, cupboards and cabinets can totally alter the shape of a room and how a person would navigate through it. Our collection of furniture designs includes antique wooden chests to sleek metal filing cabinets, each carefully handpicked to suit the room in question.


Silky carpets in a variety of colours, designs, patterns and textures to boost the homeliness of your property staging. There is more to our editing process than simply recolouring a part of the floor; we add realistic depth and detailed fibres for a sense of tangible realism. 


We have a great selection of flatscreen TVs, lamps, cookers, dishwashers and other home appliances to place in a living room or kitchen that could use an added sense of practicality. Our editors can adjust the scale of an appliance to fit neatly inside an available space.


Vases, plant pots, candles, photograph frames, coffee-table books and other miscellaneous ornaments can be placed atop mantelpieces or window sills. You can even get a nice decanter on the dining room table! As in real life, these can make your home feel much more personal and welcoming, so they are definitely worth including wherever possible.

Wall Decoration

Decoration that can be hung on walls and windows can spice up a property. Items on offer include paintings, curtains, blinds and drapes, which can be added fresh or redesigned to suit your preferences.


Another nifty editing technique we can use to change the look of a room is colour modification to the walls, floors and ceilings. This can create the illusion of wallpapering if you have plans on redecorating.

Why Choose CP Creative for Virtual Staging

Virtual home staging is a fresh and exciting area of property marketing to explore, but we have the skills and technology to thrive in this rising field, providing the most realistic simulations of our clients’ properties at affordable prices. Our simulation software includes an impressive library of stylish objects and accessories that can be added to a virtual home stage, as well as photorealistic lighting and shadows for effect.

At CP Creative, we bring imagination, enthusiasm, efficiency and perfectionist standards to the table, delivering some of the greatest bespoke services in the various fields of property marketing. Our experience in marketing for a massive range of different clients and properties will surely impress you. Anyone who works with us knows that we guarantee the highest quality, all with a friendly yet professional-minded approach to customer service.

The CP Creative Process

Contact and Quote – Ready to propel your property staging to the next level? Use our online chat function below, call us or email, to discuss the best package available for you. From there, we can give you a quote for the planned trajectory of the project.

Place Your Order – A friendly team member will coordinate your booking and our web portal named ‘CP Central’ can send you notifications, keeping you updated with the progress of your order.

In-House Team – Our editors and digital effects artists produce the best quality images. The in-house studio team quality-check and endeavour to supply our customer services within 2 to 3 days.

CP Central Portal – ‘CP Central’, our convenient web portal, enables you to download photos, place or review orders and pay invoices, giving you the freedom to manage your own bookings.

Project Completion – Should you require any edits or amendments to your staging imagery, our studio can respond straight away. Anything you want to change, we will happily comply. Once you are happy with your service, leaving us a review would be a great help.

Get in Touch and Book a Property Virtual Staging Today

Jump straight into the digital world of home staging! Call us today or send us an enquiry through the form below and a member of our friendly team will answer any questions you may have in good time. 

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